Top 3 models of money counters predict the fever in 2016-2017

Nowadays, there are many brands of money counters that bring many choices to customers from style, color, quality, price ... However, a fairly famous brand is present in the market over 10 Back in the year of fever, the first counterfeit money counter products in Vietnam.




This is the Silicon Money Counting Machine, which consists of 03 latest ultra-advanced models: stable operation, durability, no money jam, no wrong counting ... In addition to the general features such as Automatic, , Polymer and foreign currency. Detecting counterfeit money usually in UV. Counting and detecting counterfeit currencies in USD, EURO, CNY and British Pound sterling ... with UV, MG, IR technology ... Counting machine determines the number of sheets to count, count, count, etc. This new silicon counter has outstanding advantages especially for detecting laparoscopic laparoscopic:

The Silicon money counting machine MC-8600, especially the absolute accuracy, gives you peace of mind when using it

The Silicon money counting machine MC-8600 looks more eye-catching and friendly than many of its predecessors. With basic functions such as visibility, currency fixing, or incremental billing, software is also upgraded to better detect counterfeit money. Silicon MC-8600 can count both currencies with absolute accuracy.




Second Model Silicon money counting machine MC-8800



The machine is designed to be long, suitable for banking and office systems, the Silicon MC-8800 Money Counter has a very accurate counterfeit pre-check system. Using flexible control software to update new information, all types of currency, both domestic and foreign currencies are very accurate counters, Silicon MC-8800 has the ability to automatically check the operation. The dynamics of the alarm, such as the eyes, the motor, through the display on the screen of the machine to help you peace of mind when using.

In addition to the high-end Silicon money counting machine MC-8800, Fully automatic recognition of Polymer denominations. Use software flexible control in updating new information (upgraded software when new version). There are two numbers (both attached on the body, one front, one back) that have a dust filter system.

Use 6 pairs of Purple Led and 2 colored eyes. Speed count: Min 1.000dpm save you significant time.

A notable model is the Silicon MC-9900N, which is manufactured according to American advanced technology, which is considered as the most accurate counterfeit money machine in Vietnam.




Silicon MC-9900N Intelligent Money Counter: This is a high-end smart machine with the most accurate counterfeit Polymer on the market. Fully automatic recognition of Polymer denominations, Money and type checks. Sheet splitter function, split function (fixed number of sheets). Like MC8600 and MC-8800. The MC-9900N also has the most accurate monetary value function. Use 16 infrared ultraviolet eyes to check for immersion (pre-supersonic Polymer). There are multi-colored eyes to check the supersonic. Automatically check the state of the machine when the power on. There is RS232 port to upgrade the software when the new program. And 2 digital LCD display, one screen on the roof machine can rotate 320 degrees.

All three models with smart counterfeit detection technology and automatic software update feature are being predicted by experts to create a fever in 2016-2017.

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