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Silicon paper shredder - PS-800C

  • Brand: Silicon
  • Product Code: PS-800C
  • Availability: In Stock

12 months

USA Technologies


Silicon paper shredder - PS-800C

Shredding capacity: 8 sheets/ 70g- A4 – each time

Shred level: Cross-cut

Cross-sections of paper: 3.8x40mm

Cross-sections of CD: 30mm

Shredding time: 3-5 minutes

  • Automatically start and stop when completes shredding
  • Function of returning paper back
  • Overloading protection
  • Can shred paper clips, card, CD/DVD
  • Separate credit card and CD

Shredding entry width: 230mm

Shredding speed: 2.5m/a minute

Paper bin: 21L

Noise level <75db

Power consumption: 70w

Dimension: 350x190x410mm

Net weight: 5.5kgs

USA technology - Genuine product

Warranty: 7 years for Cutting Blades, 1 year for the other parts

Status: Available

Shipment: Free in city






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