Silicon money counting machine – New generation MC-7600

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12 months

USA Technologies

Silicon money counting machine – New generation MC-7600

- Intelligent high-end cash registers, the most accurate counterfeit Polymers in the market today.

- Fully automatic identification of Polymer denominations. Check the money and kind.

- Automatic start count and stop (when the money into the machine will automatically run and when the money runs out automatically stops)

- Automatically count and sort money and type

- Automatically identify face value and money material

- Examination of counterfeit money and Vietnamese counterfeit

- It has the function of counting foreign currencies

- Automatically delete numbers or count accumulated, count the currency, sum the exact VND

- Automatically separate sheets (specify number of sheets to count)

- Use flexible software to update new information (software upgrade when new version).

- There are four faces: three sides attached on the machine, one long side, with dust filter system.

- Automatically check the operation of the alarm, such as: eye, motor ... through the display on the screen.

- Use 6 pairs of purple Led and 2 colored eyes.

- Speed: >=1000 sheets/ a minute

- Prevent money in / out: 200/200 sheets

- Voltage: 220V - 50Hz, power <75W

- Product dimensions: 277x338x177mm

- Packing dimension: 670x405x280mm

- Net Weight: 5.5 kg

- Gross weight: 6.5 kg

USA technology - Genuine product

Warranty: 12 months

Status: Available

Shipment: Free in city


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