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Silicon Binding Machine BM-SUPER21

  • Brand: Silicon
  • Product Code: BM-SUPER21
  • Availability: In Stock

12 months

USA Technologies

Silicon Binding Machine BM-SUPER21

Manual comb binding machine  

Handle, for punching

Punch capacity: 25 sheets (rectangle hole)

Bind capacity: 50 sheets

Apply for paper size A4, A5, B5

Used for any comb size (4.5mm-50mm)

Holes can be punched as required

Variable punching margin control

Metal bars are made firmly and durably in many years

Weight: 12.4kgs

Product’s dimension: 480x395x425mm

USA technology - Genuine product

Warranty: 12 months

Status: Available

Shipment: Free in city



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Silicon Binding Machine BM-SUPER21

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