Silicon paper shredder PS-3000C

  • Brand: Silicon
  • Product Code: PS-3000C
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12 months

Công nghệ Mỹ, Chính hãng

Silicon paper shredder PS-3000C


Cancellation: Cancellation

Voltage (V): 120V / 230V

Number of canceled sheets (70g): 22 sheets / time

Cancel size: 3.9 * 38mm

Cancellation Rate: 3.5s / 4.0s / 17 / 15FPM "

Trash draws: Yes

Automatic start and stop: Yes

Operation: Continuous 24/24 hours (non-stop)

Door size: 240mm ~ 9.4 in

Maximum paper size A4 (2 * 12mm)

Noise / dB <60dB

Automatic oil pump for motors: yes

Stop mode: Yes

Standby: Yes

CD Destroyer: Yes

Wheel: Yes

Operating mode: On / Off, Auto, Reverse or Reverse

Overheat protection: Yes

Overpower protection: Yes

Bulk warning: Yes

Cancellation Status: Paper / CD / Credit Card / Pin / Pin

Container capacity: 60.6 liters / 16 gallons

Product dimensions: 938x480x432mm

Pack Size: 1051x647x599mm

Product weight (KG): 41 kg

Packaging weight (KG): 47 kg


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