Silicon Fingerprint Time Recorder Machine TA10

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12 months

USA Technologies

Silicon Fingerprint Time Recorder Machine TA10

- New version of the fingerprint algorithm with reliability and accuracy, clear speed improvement, processing of 3,000 fingerprints, within 0.7 seconds

Built-in independent module with high performance ARM9, high power Flash and Cmos chips, easy integration with many systems.

- Equipped with a computerized calendar and operate independently of the computer

- Sensitive to image quality, accept dry fingers, wet, easily with the user

- Adjust the distortion of the image, ensuring consistent fit with fingerprints

- Accept ODM and OEM, supply of system, native voice, language selection, analysis software



Timekeeping software and hardware use simple Vietnamese language, easy to use (Default is English)

Display: color TFT LCD (color screen)

Integrated fingerprint: 3000

Storage transaction: 1200,000

Storage time: 3 years

Test mode: 1: N, 1: 1

Recognition time: 0.7 seconds

Connector: TPC / IP, USB, RS232 / 485, EM / Mifare card, Alarm

Network connectivity: 31 units (RS485 mode), 255 units (TCP / IP)

Distance: 1200m (Rs485)

Display: time, ID, name, Colorful TFT Display or LCD

Languages: English, Spanish, French, Turkish ..

Work mode: Time and attendance, independent, can work continuously

Storage function: The device automatically stores the power failure

Size: 170x130x50mm

Power supply: DC 9v, 1A (Ac 100v to 240 V, 50 to 60 Hz)

Warranty period: 24 months

Temperature and humidity: 0-45C, 20-80%

Applications: factories, offices, banks, hotels, schools


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