Counterfeit Money Detector Machine MC8002B

  • Brand: Silicon
  • Product Code: MC8002B
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12 months

Công nghệ Mỹ, Chính hãng

Counterfeit Money Detector Machine MC8002B

1x4W White backlight light to check watermark, see through money sheet, Check for metal detector

1x9W UV light detects counterfeit money using UV technology

1 Magnetic Injector Magnetic Toner (MG)

Exaggerated glass 6 times checks the small print details on the money note

Voltage: 220V, 50Hz / 110V, 60Hz

Power Consumption: 13W

US technology, genuine

Check and detect counterfeit money using UV, Watermark, MG technology

UV light: 1x9W

White light: 3x5mm

Dimensions: 185x120x130mm

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